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Our mission:

Calves at Country Hills Animal Health

To provide quality, cost-effective veterinary consulting services to progressive dairies through exceptional service that yields improved animal health and performance.

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Only a phone call away

Country Hills Animal Health veterinarians

Our team of large animal veterinarians has been treating bovine for more than 30 years. We offer comprehensive, on-call service to our clients 24-7-365.

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Quality Milk Services

Quality Milk Services logo

Country Hills Animal Health established Quality Milk Service to provide a full service business to partner with producers, processors, local veterinarians, and equipment dealers to create quality milk.

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Create more profit in your herd

Cows being milked

At Country Hills Animal Health, we take great pride in fostering more profit by increasing plant premiums and milk production while decreasing treatment costs.

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In case of an emergency, please call 920-322-3333.

We understand the importance of a healthy herd.

We are a group of dedicated large animal veterinarians who, through education and practical field work, have acquired vast experience in all aspects of individual cow and whole herd health. Country Hills Animal Health has its own on-site laboratory and offers a wide range of services to veterinarians, farmers and agricultural advisers.

Reproductive Services

A calf drinking from a bottle at Country Hills Animal Health

Reproduction plays a major role in the economic success of today’s dairy farms. At Country Hills Animal Health, we cater to the three Ps: premiums, production and pregnancy.

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Vaccination Protocols

A field of cows representing vaccination protocols at Country Hills Animal Health

Proper vaccine protocols are essential to ensure healthy cattle and optimal production. And because new vaccines hit the market every year, it is important to evaluate and, if necessary, update vaccination protocols annually.

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Laboratory Services

Laboratory at Country Hills Animal Health

We provide all routine milk culturing services as well as other in-house lab testing, including prototheca culturing, mycoplasma culturing, towel culture, colostrum and pasteurized milk culture and much more.

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Cow surgery at Country Hills Animal Health

Our experienced, highly trained veterinarians offer a wide range of corrective surgical procedures, such as C-section, uterine torsion correction, castration, fracture repair, biopsies, claw removal and soft tissue lump removal.

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