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Consulting Services

List of Big 5 Herd Performance factors at Country Hills Animal HealthCountry Hills Animal Health specializes in helping dairies identify areas that may be reducing profitability while creating a proactive plan to improve these areas.

Our veterinarians work with the farmer to optimize pregnancy rates, increase marginal milk, optimize milk quality and components, decrease “broken cows” and locate the bottlenecks.

By working together to implement and monitor these plans, we strive for improved animal health and performance resulting in profitability for the client.


To maximize production, we analyze lactation curves and pinpoint areas of concern. 

This chart shows a lactation curve with excellent transitions and post peak persistency:

This chart shows a herd with challenged transition, low peak and peak too early.


Well-documented Post-Fresh Health can result in:

  • Higher peak milk
  • Lower first test SCC
  • Higher first service conception rate
  • Lower 60-day removal rate
  • Decrease in laminitis incidence
  • More profitability for the farmer

The key to post-fresh cow health is understanding the implementation of our Post-Fresh Enhanced Performance (PEP) Program.


Consulting for removal starts with setting goals for 60-day removal rate, cull rate and death rate. We will also look at what disease is causing the high cull percentage on your farm, whether it is injury, mastitis, pensumonia, metritis or something else.

Industry goals for well-managed herds.


Common questions about reproduction on dairy farms that Country Hills Animal Health receives include:

  • Which AI synchronized program should be used by the herd.   
  • What should my VWP be?
  • How should I resynch cows?
  • What pregnancy rate is my goal, and how do I achieve it?
  • Should I invest in a heat detection system?

Our consultants can provide the answers!

Milk Quality

Each month Country Hills Animal Health categorizes the cows' linear scores in a chart similar to this:

This chart shows the goals on the big three — chronics, new infections and hi fresh:

This bar graph is of each month's clinical mastitis numbers. The goal is less than 2% per month.