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VFD - Veterinary Feed Directive

The Basics of the VFD (Veterinary Feed Directive)

Implementation starts January 1, 2017

Only affects medically important feed grade antibiotics

            Performance uses are prohibited in medically important feed grade antibiotics

Therapeutic uses still allowed with veterinarian oversight (treatment, control, and prevention)

Ionophores – monensin, bovatec are not affected

Feed grade antibiotics will need a VFD  ///  Water-based antibiotics will need a Prescription

            Eliminates OTC status of medically important antibiotics

Must have a valid VCPR – veterinary client patient relationship

Some form of the VFD must be kept by the veterinarian, distributor, and the producer for 2 years

Expiration date is the time period the VFD feed must be fed and must be what is on the label or if not on label the expiration date is a maximum of 6 months

Duration of use is the time period that feed containing the VFD drug is allowed to be fed to a specific group of animals.  (duration of treatment on label)

If feeding more than one medicated feed in the same feed, the combination must be approved or it is illegal ELDU (extra label drug use).

            Rumensin cannot legally be fed with AS-700 or CTC

            Corid cannot be fed in conjunction with AS-700

            Topdressing AS-700 is an off-label use, but CTC can be fed as a topdress

            An NT(Neomycin/Tetracycline) add pack cannot be mixed and fed with milk replacer, if the MR already has it in as an additive it is legal however. It can only be fed for 7-14 days legally either way.

NO EXTRA LABEL DRUG USE….cannot change the dose or duration, cannot use in different species/production class than on label, cannot use for an indication that is not on the label.

This is not meant to be an inventory tracking system.

Refills (reorders) are NOT going to be common place.  This is to avoid “Pulse Feeding”

Need to follow labeled directions of product to satisfy the VFD guidelines

The VFD needs to be filled out completely/correctly otherwise the product order cannot be filled

The address on the VFD is where the animals that receive the product are being housed, not just a billing address.

If there are multiple claims for a given drug, the VFD will specify one claim. The feed tag may have all claims.

If you need help with a VFD, please feel free to ask a veterinarian or contact Tammy at the clinic.